Ryan Jordan

Day 3: Wall Lake

The leading edge of the front moving into our area didn’t harbor much climatic energy and a few hazy stars were even revealed before I shut the shelter door and went to bed. The breeze fizzled sometime later and I awoke to stuffy conditions in the middle of the night, prompting me to remove my […]

Tonight’s Camp in Bald Mountain Basin (Photo)

Photo: A trio of Hyperlite Mountain Gear UltaMid 4’s perched on a tundra bench overlooking Spider Lake in the Bald Mountain Basin, Wind River Range, Wyoming. // Enjoy live dispatches and photos via satellite from this trip online at http://www.ryanjordan.com/windrivers2015/ and receive updates via @bigskyry at: @bigskyry on Twitter (http://www.twitter.com/bigskyry) Ryan Jordan on Facebook (http://facebook.com/bigskyry)

Day 2: Spider Lake, Bald Mountain Basin

When one lives “in the moment,” one seldom considers the future consequences of the actions performed in that moment. Especially when the moment is marked by feelings of intense fleshly satisfaction and joy, Two such moments occurred yesterday. The first occurred somewhere in the middle bites of a heap of pulled pork slathered with jalapeño […]

Day 1: Upper Sweeney Lake

Day 1: Upper Sweeney Lake July 13, 2015 We embarked on our expedition from our hometown of Bozeman, Montana at eight o’clock this morning. After an eight hour drive with a lunch break at Bubba’s in Jackson, we arrived at Elkhart Park late this afternoon. We squatted on a large parcel of gravel in the […]

Expedition Food Prep

Expedition Food 11 days of wilderness travel with thousands of feet of elevation gain and no resupply, and the food weight and bulk starts to add up. Here, Chase packages trail snacks for a Gannett Peak summit attempt and glacier traverse in the northern Wind Rivers. // Enjoy live dispatches and photos via satellite from […]