Ryan Jordan

Day 7: Bonney Pass & Staging for Gannett

“I only experience real adventure when I don’t know what the outcome will be.” – Reinhold Messner After a freezing cold morning that left a skin of ice on the snowmelt pools near our tents, we left our camp below Helen Peak and successfully made hauled our 40+-lb packs up 2,000 feet of talus and […]

Day 6: The Titcomb Storm

Until now, we’ve experienced “typical” Wind River summer weather: her moods fluctuating rapidly and indecisively between clouds and sun, rain and hail, wind and calm. For the most part, in her summer mood, she lets you go where you want to go and she gives you the sense that you are in control. Today, we […]

Day 5: Fremont Peak

Today we lay over at Indian Basin to take a “rest and relaxation” day. So three of us decided to bag Fremont Peak. Visible from Pinedale, 13,745′ Fremont Peak is not only the second highest peak in the Wind River Range, but also one of its most prominent landmarks. John C. Fremont climbed the peak […]

Day 4: Indian Basin

We awoke at Wall Lake this morning with the summits engulfed by low clouds. Nevertheless, it was mostly a blue sky day but with winds and colder temperatures. Our route took us to the northwest where we climbed into the col between Elephant and Harrower Peaks and a magnificent view of Fremont Peak’s massive southern […]

Photo: Harrower Peak Massif

Photo: The southernmost peak of the Harrower massif looms 2,000 feet above our camp at Wall Lake tonight. // Enjoy live dispatches and photos via satellite from this trip online at http://www.ryanjordan.com/windrivers2015/ and receive updates via @bigskyry at: @bigskyry on Twitter (http://www.twitter.com/bigskyry) Ryan Jordan on Facebook (http://facebook.com/bigskyry)