Ryan Jordan

what I’m doing now

I’m home in Laramie, Wyoming. We moved here from Bozeman in January 2017. Laramie is smaller, quieter, cheaper, has less traffic, is less pretentious, and the trails are less crowded.

My primary day job – managing Backpacking Light.

Fun projects I’m working on right now:

  • Scaling a business as a member of Innosphere and the Estes Park EDC.
  • Developing a YouTube channel and Podcast.
  • Exploring a move to Colorado.
  • Building editorial workflows in Trello.
  • Learning how to fly a drone.
  • Renovating an old house.
  • Studying, practicing, testing, and developing content for a fitness and weight management program targeted to people who want to maintain a healthy, outdoor-centric lifestyle that includes training regimens that allow busy people to train and prepare for multi-day trips in steep terrain. You can be a guinea pig now if you like.