Ryan Jordan

Fractional Business Advisory, Business Development, and Operations Development Services

I provide fractional business advisory, business development, and operations development services to small businesses in post-market growth and scale-up phases. (Advisory services are available to small businesses in pre-market phases.)

My Objective: To provide business owners with the tools they need to (1) have real-time clarity into their business model performance and operations and (2) prioritize and systematize tasks and projects required to meet desired growth objectives based on actionable analytics.

Type of Services Offered:

  • Advisory
  • Research
  • Review
  • Done-for-You Project Work


Contract scopes may include any of the following, with a focus during early engagement periods on mission-critical systems required for business owners to make sound financial decisions:

  • Financial systems development – bookkeeping, payroll, tax accounting, owners’ compensation, cash flow and bank account management, financial operations models, financial reporting and monitoring dashboards, financial forecasting, financial decision-making matrices, crisis management planning, expense automation, and debt management.
  • Business model forecasting and growth management – business model analysis and development, forecast development, growth analytics dashboards
  • Technology systems – website, business and financial operations, document warehousing, contract management, and other technology systems.
  • Marketing development – purpose, mission, values, value proposition, brand story and messaging guidelines, brand voice, brand guidelines, content marketing, email marketing automation, and the technology stack to support lead acquisition, nurturing, and customer development.
  • Product development – my product area expertise lies in digital content products, subscription products and services, outdoor education and guiding services, and physical products for outdoor recreation markets.

Contract Types:

  • Weekly Retainer (hours to include a weekly check-in meeting with business owner, remainder of hours to be spent on project work):
    • 5 hours per week – $1,000/week
    • 2 hours per week – $450/week
  • Monthly Retainer (hours to include one monthly check-in meeting per month with business owner, remainder of hours to be spent on project work):
    • 10 hours per month – $2,250/month
    • 5 hours per month – $1,250/month
  • Advisory Retainer (up to 2 hours per month for advisory meetings, review, or research) – $500/month
  • One-Time Advisory Meetings (up to 2 hours, advisory & review only) – $500