Ryan Jordan

Resources for the Ultralight Backpacking Boot Camp Mentoring Program

About The Mentoring Program

The purpose of the mentoring program is to provide you with the opportunity to complement the self-directed online learning resources with personal attention from me to help you clarify issues, solve problems, and discuss particular contexts that might be unique to your own situation.

All mentoring is done via email. If you are interested in real-time two-way mentoring via online videoconferencing with me, please consider enrolling in my more formal mentoring programs (information here). If you are interested in face-to-face mentoring, I offer this type of consultation primarily via private guided treks (information here).

How To Receive Mentoring

To issue a mentoring request, please send an email directly to me at [email protected].

Important: please make sure your subject line includes the phrase “MENTORING CLIENT (your name): Subject” where your name is replaced by your first and last name, and subject is replaced by the subject of your particular request. If you do not submit your request in this format, it’s no big deal, but it does mean that my email filters won’t highlight your request and my response to it may be delayed.

Send as many requests as you like, and I’ll do my best to answer them all in a timely manner. This is the primary reason why I put a cap on the number of participants that enroll in the mentoring program. I generally respond to mentoring inquiries once or twice a week, so if you don’t receive a reply immediately, please don’t fret. In addition, if I am traveling and out of touch, I’ll let you know and we’ll get caught up when I get back.

Mentoring Resources

The following items are resources for clients in the mentoring program and are optional. Please review, and follow the instructions accordingly.

  • Personal Assessment Questionnaire | (WEEK 1) Please download this questionnaire, answer the questions, and email back to me as a DOC or PDF file. This will help me understand your background so I can tailor my responses to you accordingly.
  • Personal Gear List | (WEEK 2) Please download, complete, and email back to me a gear list with weights and notes, based on your current or desired gear inventory, and I will return a critique in the form of a recorded audio screencast.