Ryan Jordan

Ross Peak & Truman Gulch Near Bozeman, MT (Photo, Sigma DP2s)

Ross Peak

Sigma DP2s, ISO 50, f/8.0, 5.0 sec

In May, we really start to itch to go up into the mountains.

Snow and mud starts to clear from trails in the Bridgers starting at the South end (with the “M” and Sypes Canyon trails) and progresses s-l-o-w-l-y up the Western slope as the Month wears on. Our hikes this weekend into Middle Cottonwood and Truman Gulch were snowy, and not quite ready for Prime Time.

And with blue bird days few and far between, dry trails are coming late this year.

But with a few clouds and some rain to keep the skies clear, the skies sure are nice before sunrise and after sunset, and they have character.