Ryan Jordan

Winter is Killing Me


Photo: Secret Creek, Sigma DP2.

Now, don’t get me wrong. I’m a big fan of winter in the context of outdoor recreation. The snow opens up a lot of really good terrain that you’d normally have be mental to travel on during the rest of the year.

I was browsing through my 2009 photos today, in preparation for making our family Christmas Card Collage, and I came across this.

It’s basically a documentary shot that was to serve as a reminder to myself: “gotta come back here, mid-June, with a packraft”.

This was a stretch of a mountain creek that I found in June that offered jaw-dropping packrafting potential with fast water, big drops, and only a little bit of wood.

These are the kinds of reminders that make me yearn for winter to cease. Today.

But I also know that the snow falling in the mountains now will make it all the better when I trade my skis for a packraft in June 2010.