Ryan Jordan

Tenkara Hane: The Fly Fishing Rod for Ultralight Hikers

Click Here to Learn More About the BPL Tenkara-Hane


We are preparing for the arrival of one of the most exciting products for which I’ve been able to participate in the development of: the Tenkara Hane fly rod, to be available initially in a one time purchase lot only at Backpacking Light.

The Hane is Backpacking Light’s signature model, manufactured exclusively for us by TenkaraUSA. Hane means “feather” in Japanese, and we kind of like that. The way this rod feels, casts, stows, yeah, it’s got the right name I think.

It’s unique features include:


  • It’s the lightest Tenkara rod: 2.7 oz. That’s kind of important for us gram weenies.
  • It’s the most compact Tenkara rod: 16 inches collapsed. That’s important for those of us with small packs.
  • It has a specially-reinforced lower tube, so the rod serves as its own case. That saves 4 oz or more right there.

There’s a bunch of other benefits too, and they’re detailed over at BPL (link below), who is now accepting stock alerts for the availability of this one-time sale.

Read more about the Hane, and sign up for a stock alert, at the link below, so you don’t miss out on what may be a fleeting opportunity for the ultralight trekking community, since this is a very limited production run. Be sure to carefully read the availability info on that page so you don’t miss it.

Click Here to Learn More About the BPL Tenkara-Hane