Ryan Jordan

“Summer” Snow in Montana


Technically, this morning still constitutes “summer”, since the Fall Equinox doesn’t occur until 2:18 PM tomorrow. Here’s a shot of this morning’s camp at 9k, below Fridley Peak, with Hyalite Peak in the distance – 3 hours from my front door, including the 6 mile walk.

The shelter is a Mountain Laurel Designs pyramid. Like most pyramids, it suffered badly from snow loading during the night, and I didn’t get a lot of sleep (owing to the routine of: listen to snow fall on silnylon, fall asleep, wake up and all is quiet so you think it quit snowing, fall asleep again, wake up to silnylon on face and knees and feet, bang snow of sides of shelter, repeat; with interludes of shoveling snow from the exterior edge of shelter).

So with summer waning and winter imminent, I reckon it’s time to bid adieu to the the “ultralight” tarps for high country camping pretty soon.

Stay tuned for the video from this trip, which focuses on keeping a “ready” pack for trips of 24 hours and less.