Ryan Jordan

Montana Rangeland Camping and the Simplicity of Renewal

I always chuckle a bit when I hear somebody talk about what a bad campsite they had on this or that night. They speak of mosquitoes, or wind, or bears, or [insert your own least favorite wild thing here].

I prefer another perspective. I like to see the strangeness, the eerie, the wild, and even what some consider the foul parts of the outdoors to be part of the positive reasons that I like being outside.

It keeps me emotions sensitive to one important reason I’m out there (renewal) and one important reason why I’m not back in the city (recharge).

This weekend, we are holding our BSA District Camporee on rangeland high above the Gallatin River Breaks between Logan and Trident, MT. There’s grass, and not much else.

But I don’t know if I’ve ever been anywhere else where Montana’s Big Sky has been more accentuated. It’s open, free, and beautiful up here. Even the fall colors of the grasses have their beauty to them.

It’s a simple landscape, with simple sunsets. The perfect place for renewal and recharge.