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Scout Leader Training: Ultralight Backpacking

In May 2010 I had the privilege of teaching one of the most exciting courses ever to Scout Leaders from across North America. They came from Alberta, the District of Columbia, Virginia, Oklahoma, Texas, Colorado, Washington, and other faraway lands to little old DuPuyer, Montana at the foothills of the Bob Marshall Wilderness Complex. Their […]

Arrowleaf Balsamroot: Rocky Mountain Tough Guy (Leica M9)

  Tough Guy of the Rockies: Arrowleaf Balsamroot Leica M9, Zeiss 35/2.8C The Arrowleaf Balsamroot is the first wildflower that shows itself on drier and rockier slopes in the Northern Rockies. It starts to appear in May and really gets going in June. I think it’s the toughest flower in the West. Here’s a photo […]

50-Miler Training, Bridger Mountains, Montana (Leica M9)

  Bridger Mountains and the Gallatin Valley, Montana Leica M9, Zeiss 35/2.8C How do you train a boy to walk a 50-Miler? In Bozeman, you do it by walking up and down and across the satellite ridges of the Bridger Mountains, where the trails are steep and the mountains have size, and there are enough […]

Ross Peak & Truman Gulch Near Bozeman, MT (Photo, Sigma DP2s)

Ross Peak Sigma DP2s, ISO 50, f/8.0, 5.0 sec In May, we really start to itch to go up into the mountains. Snow and mud starts to clear from trails in the Bridgers starting at the South end (with the “M” and Sypes Canyon trails) and progresses s-l-o-w-l-y up the Western slope as the Month […]

Bridger Mountains & Cherry Creek – Bozeman, Montana (Sigma DP2s)

Cherry Creek Sigma DP2s. Click for bigger. This photo was taken in May 2010, but this is what it looked like fifteen years ago, before million dollar homes started dotting the horizon and changing the weather patterns. Now they can be removed with Photoshop’s Clone Stamp and none of you will miss them when you […]