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November in Montana is exciting because of the promise of snow. Before November, you have to go to high elevations to find snow, like in this photo, which is my camp in Maloney Basin in the Anaconda-Pintlar Wilderness with the Ultralight Backpacking Boot Camp on the night of November 1, 2012. The promise of snow […]

The Tenkarabugger for Trophy Trout

I love fishing, and teaching, the traditional Japanese method of tenkara using a light rod, fine tippet, and a sparse and simple soft-hackled fly. But the season for huge brown trout is just around the corner and one can only eat from a bento box for so long before he wakes up sweating in the […]

The Practical and Natural Simplicity of Backcountry Gear

Everyone has different objectives when they visit a Wild Place. Some go to escape, some go to return, some go to get exercise, some go to fish or photograph or climb or rest, and some go to play with gear. I love playing with gear at home, in my backyard. I loathe having to mess […]

Big River Fly Fishing: Why Tenkara Beats Western Methods

The big brown’s first aerial leap from the depths of the Madison River made me smile. The second one made me laugh. The third one, at the end of a run in strong current, reminded me that using tenkara gear and methods for big trout in big rivers is as applicable as the practice of […]

Kebari (Tenkara) Baetis – A Reverse-Hackle Emerger

Since it’s high baetis season in Southwest Montana right now, I thought I’d share what I’d fish with during a baetis hatch if I could only have one fly: the Kebari (Tenkara) Baetis. The pattern is presented in the order of construction, and as typical of tenkara flies, is tied reverse-style. Hook: standard wire, straight-eye scud […]