Ryan Jordan

Wilderness Trekking

I am a professional guide for Backpacking Light, and offer wilderness trekking guide services for those who wish to explore wild places in ultralight style in partnership with land management agencies through which Backpacking Light has been authorized for commercial guiding activities. My particular areas of specialty are the alpine (mountain) environments of the Northern U.S. Rockies and the deserts and canyons of the Southwestern United States.

Trip Types

  • Overnight/Weekend (1-2 nights, Montana)
  • Expeditions (5-10 nights – U.S., Canada, and Alaska)
  • Once-in-a-Lifetime Treks (14+ nights, worldwide)


In addition to offering standard CONUS-based locations each year, I am able to offer customized international trips with advanced planning, with commercial partnerships in place for trekking in the northern/Arctic mountain environments of Alaska, Canada, the Yukon, Iceland, Greenland, Siberia, and Scandinavia.

Modes of Travel

In addition to walking, I offer trips in all seasons and over all types of terrain, with opportunities for:

  • Packrafting
  • Snowshoeing
  • Nordic/Backcountry Skiing


Availability Info & Rates

Generally, I’m booked out 3 to 6 months in advance for short trips. For long trips (5+ days), we’ll need at least a six month lead time. For more complicated expeditions outside the CONUS, plan on 12-18 months of advance planning, which affords us the time and flexibility needed to plan and execute exactly what you want.

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I cannot sing high enough praises for Ryan Jordan! He has planned spectacular wilderness backpacking treks for my friends and I since 2005. The trips have been challenging (just the right amount), incredibly scenic, included expertly chosen off-trail portions and beautiful, secluded campsites. He perfectly tailored our trips to meet all our desires and expectations. I highly recommend Ryan! – Matt Vanderhoek, Madison, Wisconsin

Tackling the wilderness with Ryan was a life-altering experience. Having no serious prior experience, I had lurking doubts able my ability to survive – let alone thrive – in nature. Ryan’s stellar skills as a guide and an outdoors educator quickly gave me the confidence and ability to not only keep apace, but to enjoy it like few other things. Not only did my attitude towards nature change (from fear to awe, from anxiety to delight, from discomfort to ease), but the experience brought me profoundly in touch with myself. Ryan’s experience, talent and spirit made the trip simply awesome. I cannot wait to trek with him again! – Noah Greenfield, Berkeley, California