Ryan Jordan

Tenkara Fly Fishing Trips

Ryan Jordan was the first state-licensed tenkara fishing guide in the western United States:

“I am a licensed fly fishing guide in the State of Montana, and my particular area of specialty is tenkara – the ancient Japanese method of ultralight fly fishing. I teach primarily traditional Japanese tenkara methods adapted to Western rivers, hatches, and stalking – a deadly combination for alluring large, wild trout.”

Trip Types

  • Half Day
  • Full Day
  • Multi-Day Float-Fish-Camping Trips (2-5 Days, drift boat or packraft)


In addition to the locations below, I offer guided trips to lesser known waters and selected hike-in fisheries.

  • Upper Missouri River
  • Madison River
  • Yellowstone River

Modes of Fishing

  • Walk/Wade (Roadside or Hike-In)
  • Drift Boat
  • Packraft (Roadside or Hike-In)

What You Will Experience

Your trip will be a different sort of fly fishing experience – we spend less time fiddling with gear and gadgets, and more time spent studying casting techniques and stalking fish. We will focus heavily on stalking fish, reading currents, trout feeding behavior, and traditional tenkara methods.

Your trip will include:

  • Tenkara Fishing Gear – tenkara flies, a variety of tenkara rods, and traditional tenkara landing nets.
  • Instruction in the use of tenkara line rigging (traditional and level lines), tenkara casting, principles of tenkara flies, tenkara fly movement techniques, and landing techniques using tenkara nets.
  • Streamside Japanese tea or coffee made in traditional style, or Sake warmed over a small wood burner (where wood burning is allowed; I use a small meths stove where wood burning is not allowed or in very sensitive areas).
  • Japanese style streamside lunch (full day trips only), accompanied by conversation about tenkara practice and philosophy.
  • Digital photographs to share your tenkara experience with your friends, co-workers, and family.


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Madison River Tenkara

Tenkara USA founder Daniel Galhardo with a 19″ brown trout caught using traditional tenkara gear and techniques with Ryan Jordan on Montana’s Madison River. Photo by Ryan Jordan.

Licensing & Montana Board of Outfitters Information

These services are provided, and advertised, in accordance with the statutes, rules and regulations of the Montana Department of Labor and Industry and the Montana Board of Outfitters as governed by Chapter 171 of the Administrative Rules of Montana. Also see the The Montana Board of Outfitters Frequently Asked Questions.

I am an independent and licensed Montana Fishing Guide (License #13406) and provide Tenkara fly fishing guide services for the following licensed Montana outfitters:

Joe Irons (Outfitter #8415)
Box 911
Ennis, MT 59729