Ryan Jordan

Expedition Consulting

I provide expedition planning and consulting services that focus on helping you experience a unique, bucket-list quality wilderness adventure.

My particular areas of focus are:

  • Wilderness – in contrast to national parks and other non-wilderness public lands, designated wilderness areas are more remote, inaccessible by motorized and mechanized modes of travel, and less crowded. Wilderness backpacking represents the ultimate means to experience a raw, unfiltered, immersive experience in the natural world.
  • Ultralight – as an expert and early leader in the niche of ultralight backpacking, your expedition planning will focus heavily on saving weight in your backpack without sacrificing safety, comfort, or confidence. You’ll learn ultralight backpacking skills and have access to my deep industry knowledge about ultralight backpacking gear to guide you in the right direction to outfit a high-performance, lightweight kit.
  • Off-Trail – with more than three decades of experience traveling off-trail in mountains, canyons, tundra, and deserts, you’ll have access to my expertise in off-trail route planning and campsite selection so you can enjoy the most remote experience possible in the most beautiful wilderness locations not accessible by other hikers.
  • Health and Safety – you’ll learn health and safety measures unique to the area you’re visiting, including water quality safety and treatment, bear safety and food storage, leave no trace practices, off-trail travel and risk assessment, and more.
  • Experiential Recommendations – notable opportunities for fishing, bivy camping, peak-bagging, photography, wildlife discovery, and more.

Your service plan includes:

  • Onboarding call(s) with your trip leaders
  • Onboarding call with your group
  • Regularly-scheduled group calls for Q&A and skills training
  • Comprehensive gear list with recommendations unique to the locale you’re visiting
  • Individual phone and email support for each group member to address individual issues
  • Route plan and itinerary that includes a detailed map, waypoints, GPX files, digital maps, fishing hotspots, peak-bagging opportunities, and more
  • Training recommendations for fitness and skills development
  • Pre-trip gear shakedown
  • Menu recommendations


  • Individual or group rations: prepackaged breakfast and dinner meals (organic, non-GMO, high-calorie, high-protein, ultralight, vegetarian options available)
  • Group cook kits
  • Arrangement of vehicle shuttle services or trailhead drop-off/pickup, stock support (e.g., pack horses used to deliver a food cache or resupply)

Every service plan can be individually tailored to your group’s unique needs.