Ryan Jordan

Introduction: Navigating the High Sierra


In less than a week, I’ll be leaving for a 10-day trek through the High Sierra south of Yosemite. As we plan route options, we do so first by looking at the Sierra crest, then by looking at weaknesses across that crest. Our route will criss-cross through those weaknesses.

We hope to stay off trail (other than the first and last days) and find exceedingly remote high basins seldom visited by others, and off the main drag of the Roper High Route.

Follow along as I blog and post photos via Twitter @bigskyry, my public page at Facebook, here on the blog at the #highsierra2015 page, and if all goes well, Instagram @bigskyry. I may be testing a new broadband satellite rig that may give me access to Instagram as well as posting hi-res photos (and who knows, maybe a video clip or two?) – we’ll see how it goes!