Ryan Jordan

Zero Bars

Life lived simple
Dreamy and warranted
Jealous of people who blog about their one hundred things
But wondering how we might live without 60 second coffee brewed on a Jetboil
And still remain addicted to our iPhones and their gateway to a cluttered world.

Packing light
Driving to a trailhead
Hoping for something other than an internet connection
But secretly pleased to get one bar upon arrival.

Bear spray ready
Toxic insect repellent coating me
Food stored in a plastic barrel the government says is for me
Skin protected by questionable chemicals that block Vitamin D
Corn pasta recommended by an old pal who never did understand my dietary needs
Shoes, pack, shelter, clothes – all made of plastics and oil and wildlife refuges.

Wondering at this point if the internet wouldn’t be a better place to hang out
And a little irritated that I don’t have two bars by the time I reach the harebells.

Then, around the corner
Through the forest
I get a glimpse
And start the process
Ponderosas to whitebarks to larches
Larches to firs to willows to lupine
Lupine to tundra to talus:

And there they are, rising to impossible heights and it’s now


and all is well again.