Ryan Jordan

Pak-Rifle Review Video

Here’s a short video highlighting some of my experiences this fall with the new .22LR Pak-Rifle, a 16-oz small game and utility rifle. I mistakenly reported earlier here that the rifle weighed 22 oz – sorry about that (bad scale).

My full review of the Pak-Rifle will be published at Backpacking Light during the first week of December. Here’s the introduction from my review, and the video follows:

The Pak-Rifle weighs 16 oz and shoots 0.22LR shells, which weigh less than 0.11 oz apiece. If one is trekking through areas where upland bird and small game abounds, then adding 20 oz of rifle and shells can allow you to spend many more days in the backcountry than what might be possible simply by carrying all of your own food. A similar argument can be made for an ultralight fishing kit. Consequently, equipment that can be used for foraging and hunting deserves some consideration for trekkers undergoing longer journeys in remote locations where food weight might become prohibitive, and resupply logistics are challenging.