Ryan Jordan

A Different View of the Same Thing

Grotto Falls, Hyalite Backcountry. Panasonic GF1, Lumix 14-45mm f/3.5-5.6, 14mm, 1/5 sec f/22, ISO 100, on a tripod.

I suffered (sic) to get this photo. So did my camera. We got soaked. It was cold. It was worth it.

I’ve been to this waterfall dozens of times. I’ve swam in the pool below it in the summer and I’ve climbed its ice in the winter.

But this time, during the transition season, something was different. The waterfall still flowed, but winter’s edge was starting to form.

I was climbing up to the base of the falls to get a photo of a side view when I slipped in the small cave I was in. My eyes were now at ground level and this was my new, and unanticipated view.