Ryan Jordan

Wilderness Camping

I get excited about trekking in the wilderness, but sometimes, I get even more excited about camping in the wilderness, especially at spots like this one:


One photo of course cannot give a sense of place to this location, but it captures a little bit of the essence of where we were: a wild, off-trail location protected by towering cliffs above and below. We camped on a pretty narrow bench between the cliffs, carpeted with soft tundra. Waterfalls and marmots provided soundscape, pine and wildflowers the aroma, and cliffs and new avalanche swaths the drama.

Check back here on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays at mid-morning for the next four weeks, for more photography and anecdotes from my recent trip in the Bob Marshall Wilderness, and stay tuned for information from this packrafting trek at BackpackingLight.com this fall.

Photo: Ryan Jordan, Bob Marshall Wilderness Complex, July 2009. Sigma DP2 f/8 1/40 sec.