Ryan Jordan

River Camping Light

“Light” is not satisfying only when carried in a pack.

I’m not even talking about life connotations today, but something not so far removed from wilderness travel: river running.

I wonder about the logistics required for a large raft company to plan a multi-day river trip for a dozen clients.

River Camping Light means driving your kit down – not necessarily to the lightest possible weight – but the simplest possible combination of items – so you can enjoy your stop when the light runs out, at any tiny island that looks good for a night’s rest.

Photo: Ryan on a gravel bar on a forested island, Upper Madison River between $3 Bridge and Lyons.

Sleep in a bivy sack, take a camp chair to enjoy the gravel sit, and cook on a quiet alcohol stove so you don’t miss the geese, pelicans, sandhills, and of course, the trout sipping those late evening mayflies.