Ryan Jordan

NOLS & Ultralight: Part I

Matt Colon and I are heading down to Lander tomorrow for a few days with NOLS. We are providing their instructors with some training about lightweight backpacking techniques and gear for their upcoming course: Light and Fast Backpacking.

We are focusing our instruction on two methods of lightweight backpacking. The core method that NOLS will likely adopt to be consistent with their team-based approach to problem solving will be shared shelter/cook systems among two participants. To that end, Matt and I will demonstrate some of the techniques by which two folks can easily share some gear, save weight, and increase their efficiency on trail and in camp.

The other system we’ll highlight, simply as a matter of principle for what is possible in the world of ultralight, is a solo system suitable for colder conditions such as what is often found in the Wind Rivers.

Here’s a Microsoft Excel gear list showing the equipment I’ll be bringing for the field component of this course.