Ryan Jordan

The Helix 4.5 oz Ice Axe

I’ve used the new Helix Carbon Fiber Ice Axe for two ski mountaineering couloir ascents now. All I can say is: awesome!

My two 55 cm axes – with custom wrist leashes (AirCore Pro Rope) and a bit of sticky paint to roughen up the lower shaft – weigh 10 ounces – COMBINED. Two tools! Yeah, ya think?

I know, I know. These are not rated tools. Nor should they be treated as such.

So don’t fall.

But for couloir climbing on neve where an experienced ski mountaineer’s risk of falling is low – they are unbeatable.

And think of the possibilities that experienced snow hikers and mountaineers could at least dream about with axes this light.

Bottom line: they are an absolute joy to hold in your hand and use.

And that, friends, is the most important criteria for any piece of gear.