Ryan Jordan

Titanium Trike

I’m no expert in, nor do I closely monitor, the bike industry.

But I love seeing weight reduced.

I have been researching road bikes lately, and would love to build a Litespeed fixie with the lightest components. Between the Ghisallo frame, carbon post & bars, etc. etc., it would be outrageously ultralight. Can you imagine a 10-pound bike?!

Recumbents are bizarre bikes, but incredibly efficient. Perhaps the ultimate long distance road machine? Check out the Kettweisel TT, in titanium of course. I wonder who will be the first to blend an ultralight approach to gear with an ultralight recumbent to ride Sea-2-Sea unsupported? How about without resupply? Cross country bike tours are old news, but this one is ripe for the taking.

What’s next? There’s a market for really cool, ultralight bicycle-like gear, I’m sure (ahem). Kid’s trikes, jogging strollers, unicycles, the list goes on.

Keep your eyes peeled: bicyclists and manufacturers are figuring all this out as fast as we are.