Ryan Jordan

An Insulated Hat Need Not Be So Heavy

Why are insulated hats so heavy?

Andy Skurka learned a lot on his 7,800 mile hike across the country. But sewing was not among the skills he mastered. As I work on this week’s BPL Newsletter, Andy descends from the BPL warehouse loft (location of sewing central, where all of our good designs are born and where all of our bad designs are never spoken of again) with an evil smile on his face: he has haphazardly constructed, out of available scraps, a seriously high lofted insulated hat that is winter worthy, weighs less than an ounce, and seems to violate every industry standard principle of apparel production.

You’ll probably be hearing more about this product soon enough.

And until I find a competent seamstress to resew the design, there is no way on God’s green earth I’m going to show you a photo and embarrass poor Skurka.