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Day 13: Exit & Re-Entry

We slept under the stars last night, cowboy style, as the embers from our final campfire faded in the light of the full moon. I couldn’t sleep. I knew I wanted to finish the expedition and ride the high that comes with accomplishing what you set out to do. I was also looking forward to […]

Day 12: South Fork of the Sun

Today we packrafted the South Fork of the Sun River from our secret campsite near Pretty Prairie to The Gorge. It may have been the funnest day of packrafting on the whole trip. The South Fork of the Sun is running at a healthy flow of around 550 or 600 cfs today, maybe. The waves […]

Day 11: West Fork Blues

I don’t have a prosperous relationship with the West Fork of the South Fork of the Sun River. Over the years, I’ve lost trophy trout in its submerged trees, slipped and swam in its slippery fords, and portaged its countless logjams with my packraft. But the West Fork has an allure that is hard to […]

Day 10: R & R in the West Fork

We have stopped for the day after a short hike to take a half day to recover from our arduous trek across the top of the Chinese Wall. We are camped on the banks of the West Fork of the South Fork of the Sun River in a shady grove of lodgepole pines. We have […]

Day 8 & 9: The Chinese Wall

Day 8 & 9 – The Chinese Wall On Monday we left the cozy shade of the lone pine tree at our meadow camp on the Upper White River and immediately started bushwhacking through a forest understory dominated by huckleberry and deadfall. We soon emerged into steep meadows and then onto a mixture of limestone […]