Ryan Jordan


I provide these consulting services:

  • Expedition logistics (planning, outfitting, guiding)
  • Industry/market consulting
  • Product development (design, performance testing, engineering). Areas of focus:
    • Textile engineering and performance – I use in-situ microscopy and thermal imaging to evaluate moisture and heat transfer through microporous textiles (including base layer performance knits, high-loft insulation, and wind/waterproof textiles)
  • Small business development (helping pre-seed growth-oriented company founders prepare for seed/Series A rounds and/or scaled organic growth) – financial modeling and forecasting, data flow automation, equity tables, OKR modeling, content publishing/marketing tech stacks.

Rate Updates: My consulting rates increased approximately 5% to 10% in 2023 after a few years of no rate increases. The rates below will be valid for any project booked before October 31, 2023.

Project Work, Expedition Services/Guiding: Day rate: $2,200

Retainers: Available only for small business development; 6-month minimum commitment; 3 days/month @ $4,920/mo

Hourly: If you’re interested in hiring me but don’t need full days, I can provide document reviews, Q&A, and other consulting via email, phone, or video call. Hour-long calls that don’t require preparatory research start at $250.

Speaking: I do not charge for public speaking engagements sponsored by non-profit organizations or corporate events raising money for non-profit causes; however, I am selective about what I commit to, so my energy and commitment to you and your audience is very high. Travel reimbursement required. (Corporate speaking engagements: $7,500 + travel)

  • 2023 Features – Hijacked by data: how spending time in nature desensitizes us to the things that are killing our future; Why Traditional Recreation Ecology Frameworks Fail to Solve the Biggest Issues in Public Land Stewardship and Management