Ryan Jordan

what I’m doing now

I’m home in Laramie, Wyoming. We moved here from Bozeman in January 2017. Laramie is smaller, quieter, cheaper, has less traffic, is less pretentious, and the trails are way less crowded.

My primary day job – managing Backpacking Light. Most of my time is spent managing editorial workflows and website/technology maintenance and development.

Fun projects I’m working on right now:

  • Implementing live chat and AI-assisted bots for support, marketing, and search at Backpacking Light.
  • Launching a new podcast and webinar series.
  • I’ll be leading the Guide’s Training and Whitetail Treks for the Wilderness Adventures Program.
  • I’m exploring the effects of a plant-based diet (with some sardines and salmon), and tracking physiological markers in the process. My cholesterol has dropped 50 points this year and my blood pressure has dropped from 130s/90s to 90s/60s. Other stuff is happening too.