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Day 11: Exit / Green River Lakes

It was a muggy, rainy night and mosquitoes by the hundreds were positioned and waiting on the outside of the mesh of my inner tent. With the cold, wind, and altitude of the past several days, we’d hardly seen a mosquito since leaving Spider Lake 9 days ago. Now, back in the woods at just […]

Day 10: Tourist Creek

As idyllic as the upper basin of Tourist Creek is, we have discovered all the more reason why it will forever remain a special place to us. The very remote entrance from the top is protected by an approach requiring travel over crevassed glaciers and descent of a gully choked with snow, talus, and unstable […]

Day 9: Wind River Glaciers

I began brewing coffee at 4:45 AM this morning so I had a little incentive to get up early to enjoy the distant orange glow of the clear sky sunrise out my open tent door. The rest of the Crew started stirring an hour later, and we quickly packed up camp and made our last […]

Day 8: Gannett Peak

Our approach to Gannett Peak came from the south (via Bonney Pass) – we are on an eleven-day expedition where a Gannett summit attempt was only one objective. We are weaving a high route from Spider Lake (via Elkhart Park) to Baker Lake (exiting via Green River Lakes), so in addition to our attempts on […]

Day 7: Bonney Pass & Staging for Gannett

“I only experience real adventure when I don’t know what the outcome will be.” – Reinhold Messner After a freezing cold morning that left a skin of ice on the snowmelt pools near our tents, we left our camp below Helen Peak and successfully made hauled our 40+-lb packs up 2,000 feet of talus and […]