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Sage Sunrise – The 2.5 lb Backcountry Camp (Sigma DP2)

Sage Camp Sunrise Southwest Montana, Spring 2010 (Sigma DP2) Another campsite photograph, this time taken with the Sigma DP2, with the sun in the photo and no corrective Photoshopping to deal with the ungainly, but nicely colorful, lens flare. Mornings on sage flats are special in their own way because it’s the type of backcountry […]

Packrafting Camp, Beartrap Wilderness (Fuji Velvia)

A Packrafter’s Camp Beartrap Canyon Wilderness, Montana Nikon FM3a, Nikkor AI-S 28/2.8, Fuji Velvia 50 (Shot at ISO 100 and Push-Processed) I spent a few nights in the Beartrap Canyon Wilderness in April and I honestly can’t remember carrying my pack there. It’s like that, when it’s really light. Even with a large packraft, PFD, […]

Separation Anxiety

No Separation Anxiety (Tobacco Root Mountains) Sigma DP2 Separation anxiety is what photographers get when they freak out about missing mm’s out of the focal range covered by the pounds of lenses they carry in their packs. Lightweight backpackers suffer this too, but usually only when they sit in front of their computer, shopping online. […]

The Wilderness Day Planner

The Wilderness Day Planner Uinta Mountains UT, August 2009 In 2003, Chase and I were about on the same plane with respect to our obsessive-compulsive tendencies about organization. Once, he lined up about 200 Matchbox cars in a big sweeping curve across the living room. When he left the room to go pee, I snuck […]

Wild Places Here and Afar

  The Brooks Range from the Western Arctic Photo by Ryan Jordan, June 2006.   I really miss the Alaskan Arctic because it’s a Big Wild Place. I don’t know that I’ve trekked anywhere else where I’ve discovered as much about who I am. Some of that was related to the challenges the Arctic delivered […]