Ryan Jordan

Kanso: A Blueprint for Better Gear Design

Wouldn’t it be great to find better gear that allows us to exist in concert with, and not because of that gear? "Simplicity means the achievement of maximum effect with minimum means." – Dr. Koichi Kawana "A key tenet of the Zen aesthetic is kanso or simplicity. In the kanso concept beauty, grace, and visual […]

Ricoh GR Digital

If you’re serious about blending photography and mountaineering, you’ll know that the list of cameras suitable for professional quality photographs that can withstand the rigors of mountain life and weather is extremely short. The criteria are simple: pocketable, reliable, fast, easy, weather resistant, and exceptional lens quality. To that end, the short list pretty much […]

Gnarly Mosquitoes and Combat Gear

I actually know hikers that refuse to go certain places at certain times because the mosquitoes are "bad". I know, crazy, isn’t it? The worst I’ve experienced was on the Thorofare River south of Yellowstone Lake, in late July. But the fishing was good. Not going there because of mosquitoes would have been unthinkable. So […]

Titanium Trike

I’m no expert in, nor do I closely monitor, the bike industry. But I love seeing weight reduced. I have been researching road bikes lately, and would love to build a Litespeed fixie with the lightest components. Between the Ghisallo frame, carbon post & bars, etc. etc., it would be outrageously ultralight. Can you imagine […]

Ryan’s Winter Day Hiking Essentials

Every item in my day kit is chosen based on the simple reality that I just may have to spend the night out there. This is not all inclusive, but this is what I recommend at minimum for winter backcountry travelers in the deep snow of mountainous areas. SnowClaw. 6 oz. For building an emergency […]