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“There’s more to life than fly fishing. In fact, real life offers, and demands, a lot more. And that’s a good thing. Because fly fishing can get really boring. Unless, well, you’re actually fly fishing.” – An anonymous truth ~ I love to fly fish. The satisfaction I get out of casting a rod, or […]

Wilderness Simplicity, Flexibility, and Power

I love Brent Simmon’s recent post about flexibility and power in the context of iOS Apps, and especially, his brilliant observation that …flexibility is just a tool to use exceedingly sparingly, only when it substantially increases power. There’s a lot of meat in this statement, with direct relevance to trekking, and trekking gear. Now, it […]

Wild Places Breed Humility and Unselfishness

  Big Wall Camp Escalante, UT 2004 Wilderness has a way of making you feel really small, and insignificant. It’s too bad that the natural tendencies of real people in the real world don’t tend to the same manifestations of humility. In a Wild Place, it’s pretty easy to look around and be reminded that […]

The Wilderness Day Planner

The Wilderness Day Planner Uinta Mountains UT, August 2009 In 2003, Chase and I were about on the same plane with respect to our obsessive-compulsive tendencies about organization. Once, he lined up about 200 Matchbox cars in a big sweeping curve across the living room. When he left the room to go pee, I snuck […]

Wild Places Here and Afar

  The Brooks Range from the Western Arctic Photo by Ryan Jordan, June 2006.   I really miss the Alaskan Arctic because it’s a Big Wild Place. I don’t know that I’ve trekked anywhere else where I’ve discovered as much about who I am. Some of that was related to the challenges the Arctic delivered […]