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Tweet Sam Fulbright of PCM wrote a wonderful post over at WW Dreams that he might have thought was about paddling, but was really about life. Life’s trials are like a paddler’s swims. Other times, you try to roll, and can’t. You try again, and can’t. You’re head hits a rock here, a rock there.…

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“I’m Ready to Help.”

Tweet “I’m Ready to Help.” I’ve been a guide for a long time. Officially, I started 25 years ago. For the last many years, I’ve heard the same old thing from my son, usually after he sees the photos from my trips: “I wanna go.” “I wanna catch those fish.” “I wanna sleep up there.”…

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It’s Pretty Simple: Be Best Friends

Tweet I was originally going to write this as a letter to my Ultralight Life subscribers but the advice is too valuable to keep private. Stephanie and I don’t have a perfect marriage but we have a marriage that people notice, and ask questions about because they like what they see enough to overlook our…

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