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50-Miler Training, Bridger Mountains, Montana (Leica M9)

  Bridger Mountains and the Gallatin Valley, Montana Leica M9, Zeiss 35/2.8C How do you train a boy to walk a 50-Miler? In Bozeman, you do it by walking up and down and across the satellite ridges of the Bridger Mountains, where the trails are steep and the mountains have size, and there are enough […]

On the Relevance of Video Games, Lightweight Backpacking Gear, and Education for Boy Scouts

Boy Scout, Montana Trekking Sigma DP2, ISO 50, f/5.0, 1/1000 sec. A lot of things vie for our kids’ time and interests, including but not limited to video games, which this post is not about. I could suggest why spending time outside with peers might be a better use of time than spending time playing […]

Training Hikes with Boy Scouts: “M” Trail, Bozeman, Montana (Sigma DP2s Photos)

Turning the corner and heading home at sunset. (Click the photo to see it bigger and better, especially if you have an Apple LED monitor.) Sigma DP2s, f/2.8, 1/30 sec, ISO 50. Our Boy Scout Troop (Click for Website: Troop 676 Bozeman MT) is training for a 50-Miler in the Beartooths this July, so we’re […]

Patrol Campfire

Patrol Campfire Tobacco Root Mountains, March 2010 (Sigma DP2, f/2.8 15s) Our Scouts are learning about lightweight backpacking. Unlike most of us, who learned about it on our own, these kids are learning it in the context of the Patrol Method, that tenet of the Scouting program that develops character, teamwork, and leadership of the […]

Spring Hostility in Montana (Photo: Sigma DP2)

  Spring Hostility in Montana, Sigma DP2 (click for larger) Last weekend we took the Scout troop on their first backpacking trip of the season into the foothills of the Tobacco Root Mountains. We cooked over fires, slept under tarps, and learned the art of navigating in coulee country. It was cold, too. Twenty one […]