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Swimming Slots and Intentional Living

Last spring, I spent 10 days exploring the water, canyons, slots, and mesas of Glen Canyon. One of my fondest memories was taking my friend and his 70-year old parents on a little bit of a day hike. I didn’t divulge all of the details of the hike – I was too afraid they wouldn’t […]

“I just want to be with my friends…”

Photo: Teenagers are social creatures. Why not let them enjoy each other on top of a 10,000 foot ridge instead of a bunk bed in a cabin down in the valley? When they earn and work and suffer together, they just might be more likely to stick together. This photo features the high adventure crew […]

Group Gear for Lightweight Wilderness Travel

Introduction Last week I spent four days in the Bob Marshall Wilderness with Scout Leaders from around the country training them in the art and practice of ultralight backpacking techniques for the Backpacking Light / Montana BSA course. Our goal is simpler, yet more profound, than just playing with gear: thinking about the best ways to impart the knowledge […]

Are You Stealing Opportunity for Character Development From Your Scouts?

“It’s too cold!” “Trekking is a summer activity!” “Sleep in a snow WHAT?” [hr] When I bring up the prospect of a ski trek, I expect these sorts of reactions from some mothers, a few fathers, and certain types of boys. I don’t expect them, nor do I hear them, from the types of boys […]

Scout Leader Training: Ultralight Backpacking

In May 2010 I had the privilege of teaching one of the most exciting courses ever to Scout Leaders from across North America. They came from Alberta, the District of Columbia, Virginia, Oklahoma, Texas, Colorado, Washington, and other faraway lands to little old DuPuyer, Montana at the foothills of the Bob Marshall Wilderness Complex. Their […]