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Day 9: Garnet Lake

I was not eager to emerge from the cozy confines of my little pyramid-tent this morning. The crisp air – carrying the coldest temperature of the trip thus far – wasn’t penetrating my quilt. Being encapsulated it it, with my head hidden inside the puffy hood of my anorak, gave a rather pleasant feeling of […]

Day 8: Davis Lakes

I awoke well before dawn this morning and couldn’t fall back asleep. So I grabbed my camera, walked around, and practiced shooting the pre-dawn light, with which I have little experience, save perhaps a few “end of the night” portraits back at Washington State in the early 1990s. Since we were back on the eastern […]

Day 7: A Sierra High(er) Route

My favorite part about Roper’s Sierra High Route is the vision he had to create a timberline trek that minimized the effort required to confidently enjoy such spectacular and reasonably comfortable, if not rather intimidating terrain. More important, he gave people the confidence to leave the trail, and perhaps, do a little exploring of their […]

Day 6: Trout Tacos at Twin Island Lakes

I enjoy the act of walking with a pack in a remote wilderness – trekking, as I like to call it. But I would be fooling both the reader and the writer if I did not admit to some anxiety about passing by a lake so teeming with beautiful and tasty trout and not being […]

Day 5: Rest and Recharge at Ritter

Today we remain at the same camp in the Ritter Lakes Basin, where we have observed the Sabbath and enjoyed a reprieve from carrying heavy packs. We are camped at 11,000 feet or I which makes a nice jumping off point from which to explore even higher places. So after breakfast, I climbed along the […]